In the fall of 2020, I began volunteering with Tech for Campaigns (TFC), a group whose mission is to leverage the expanding reach of technology and digital communications to build electoral power for progressives and centrists throughout the United States. TFC provides political campaigns with access to world-class talent, training, and technology to implement digital strategies needed to win, powered by dedicated full-time staff and a growing community of over 15,000 skilled volunteers.
As a graphic design volunteer with TFC, I worked alongside a team lead and a Facebook ads manager to amplify the message of North Carolina Senate candidate, Democrat Wally White.
Design Style
Although Wally White was running as a Democrat, he looked to appeal to Democrats and centrists alike. In a nod to this, he requested his creative assets feature the color purple, as a combination of the traditional Republican party red and Democratic party blue. Wally also provided a logo that was designed prior to my joining his campaign.

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